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About us

     Flowlife is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit
and a belief that recovery is an essential part of daily exercising.
Together with our
network of athletes, masseurs and physiotherapists, we develop
premium products in order to find innovative solutions to old problems.
We put our full energies in realizing our vision and collaborate with many
players in order to achieve this. Do you want to know more or to come
along for the ride? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our history and work philosophy

It all began with the idea of creating a workplace that was permeated
with transparency, community and personal professionalism.
Previous experience from the health industry and a strong belief that
technology can be part of the solution started what would later
become Flowlife.

“When we launched Flowlife in the late summer of 2016, we decided early
on that the work would be carried out in a sustainable manner. This includes,
among other things, an economic, human and environmental perspective.
We are also convinced that this, together with a transparent working method
and high quality products, provides long-term and sustainable relationships
with our customers. In 2017 we launched Flowfix, an enhanced service that is
included with all of our products. In connection with it, we also launched
Flowforward which gives customers the opportunity to upgrade to a newly
released model for a reduced cost. With this we can recycle and reuse
old products and thus takes a step in the right direction towards a more
sustainable society. We place great emphasis on creating a work situation that
we thrive in and that can stand in all situations. We are happy to share our
experience through, for example, lectures or workshops on recuperation,
entrepreneurship or how we create a valuation-driven work culture.
If you choose to give us your trust, we promise to do everything in our
power to live up to it!”

Team Flowlife