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Footmassager - Flowfeet


Available units: 188

For over a year, Flowlife has explored the markets offering and customers’ total experiences of foot massagers. With help of user tests combined with advise from professional’s in the area, we have designed a foot massage that suits all feet. With an elaborate foot massage pattern along with a soft low level and though higher level, Flowfeet is the premium product for those who want the latest in foot massage.

Flowfeets programs are based to increase blood circulation and reduce tensions in your feet. To make the circulation increase, varying movement is important and therefore Flowfeet have three different programs. These programs are based on the most important areas of foot massage. 

 Massages underneath the entire foot with extra focus on the heel. The program is best used to reduce tensions in the front and back part of the foot.

  Flowfeets most intense program. Squeezes the front part of the foot and thereafter releases in a slow and controlled motion. This programed is mainly designed to increase the blood circulation in the feet.

 Alternates between pulling apart the metatarsal bones while the heel gets squeezed as well. Flowfeet then let go of the foot and allows the foot to relax 

Technical information:

  • Power supply: Input AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz -Output DC12V/2.5A.
  • Rated power: 30 watt
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Certificates: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Measurements: 45x40x27 cm

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