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Massage pillow - Flowpillow Blue/Black

Massage pillow - Flowpillow Blue/Black


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Flowpillow - Sweden's first cordless and rechargeable massage pillow. Inspired by massagers and developed to imitate sports massage. Shiatsu massage with large contact areas makes the massage both effective and gentle.

Massage Experience

You can regulate the massage's intensity by adjusting the pressure you put on your Flowpillow. With a light pressure, you get a soft and soothing massage while harder pressure provides a more in-depth treatment. A rule of thumb is that it should it should always feel good. 

Areas of use

The Flowpillow is Flexible and can be used all over the body. Some personal favorites for us at Flowlife are; neck, back, buttocks, legs and feet. Let your creativity set the boundaries and feel free to share your massage tips via social media. 

Technical information:

  • Battery: Rechargeable Litiumion
  • Capacity mAh: 2200 
  • Power supply: Input:  AC 100-240v - 50/60Hz -  0,5A.                                                             Output: DC 12V, 6V, 1A.
  • Rated power: 30 watt
  • Certificates: CE, ROSH
  • Weight: 1,3 kg
  • Measurements: 33x21x10 cm


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